Been down that road before. Don’t want to cry 😭 about that again. Heard it all before. Time will tell. I’m not taking any chances. What excuse you got now. Yo bring that back again I wanna see if I care. Try again. New reception please. Next!



Happy that I woke up today.! Extremely joyed don’t know how to hold it in so I might as well enjoy 😊 it!. Can’t stop 🛑 & No I won’t stop 🛑 cause I believe that there is a Great Feeling Coming in my direction.! Can I Get an 🙏🏾 Amen.! 💫✨⭐️

Good To Go

Good morning 🎉✨🙌🏾 everyone I pray all is well with you.! I pray that you have a lovely enjoyable day or evening wherever you maybe. Continue to take on the challenges that we face from day to day and stay HUMBLE BE BLESSED 💫🌟⭐️.

Created For This

Struggles hard trials thick as a brick, Clashing waves 🌊 crushing down like a thunderstorm ⛈ Grey skies blue skies turned into long days and nights of loneliness My weak skin turned into thickness it’s been trying But with God anything is possible I feel stronger 💪🏾 than what my past life and communication seekers had taken me. Moving forward, Created For This.

Like she said

Tears cries and wanders. Out ways majority of self esteem. Screams sounds like thunderstorms. Whimpering throughout the night & day. Sounds from afar gets the best of her she feels that she fails God by crying out of hurt 😔 and anger How much more can she could ever bare I don’t know 🤷🏾‍♀️. Who could she blame. When will the tears stop. When will she ever smile 😃 again. Heart rate is more higher than her excepted excitement in Life. Could it be that her soulful is emotionally empty or there’s something on the inside begging to come out face to face with this cold 🌬❄️🌬❄️🌪 wind mill of a world 🌎. Could she ever be great could she ever succeed with her life. Hmmm?


I believe that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13). I have my Reasons I will look unto the hills from which comes my help (Psalm121) I have my Reasons I picked up my cross and I walked with Jesus (Matthew16:24-26). I have my Reasons.

Reasons 🌟 that I live by ! Amen

Make the Accomplishments

Being obstructive in doing good for others. Making sure no miss gaps go unclosed. A days work can be in a frenzy with junction and I try my best not to allow these mishaps to occur. With things needs to be tending to some things can be overwhelming ,but 1st that’s when you realize that you needs a break. Letting go grab your brief moments together and then conquer your availability to improve the work load that you have set before you. I endure in helping people I do believe that’s my endorsement from God. If it pleases the Lord I’m all for it.