Mental Illnesses

Are not rare it is out here, It is Real. When others play on your emotions and you’re warm interest for life you feel a burden just landed on you. Even life events can trigger moments of deep depression. Many does not heal with they’re disorders it gets worse than you expect it to be. Yes they’re are meds that controls these traits. Although the immune systems are where meds dissolves even though the meds are an active ingredient to help you feel better & deal with life on a different level it still wears off. Our bodies can get more adapted too and immune to the medicine that the affects that should happen won’t. Being a daughter of someone with mental health can be a learning experience it has taught me to know when and how to keep calm and have tons of patience. I have to come to him on his level of weaknesses and try encouraging him to where I can help him feel better than he did before. With me living with (SLE) Lupus I tend to feel emotions harder than before but I’ve learned to control the issues my feelings gets engaged to where I cry out and settle down either with the prescription meds I’m on for the disease or a glass of wine. I heard someone say that mental Illness can be hereditary sometimes I feel that I do have the traits but with me talking , writing or singing even reading keeps me going oh and of course praying real fervent praying that will help stay at the peace level that God wants me at. I also have to listen for the voice of God I truly believe that He speaks to me and with him doing so he has kept me. I’m thankful & also grateful that my family taught the Word of God and if I shall ever stumble through my way I know what path that I should take. I have a warm and loving family we may not see each other or get along all the time but we are ones that can come together at any levels my sisters and my nieces and nephews have a been beautiful to me and my awesome church family too. “I can say without God I cannot do nothing But with God I can do All things that strengthens me”


Living in the past will never get you closure from it to experience your future. Cut life straight struggles to make life better to enjoy things that I thought would be happy and fun but majority of it was hell miserable. Certainly changes came about but couldn’t tell it. Just move on to the next thinking that you moved on but on the inside you’re still bottled up. Amping up annoying people who I thought was okay to chill out with. I’ve learned that the hard way on a few level of times. I get angry with myself cause I feel that I allowed these people in my life to dominate my life my feelings and my greater person that’s within me. It’s been a long unleveled life. I know things isn’t supposed to be peaches 🍑’s and cream. I just never really thought that I bring my past in my life so much cause others have judged me to hell. I’m not sure of who to trust or who really cares for me or even love me. How come I worry about people judging me or putting me down just cause I’m a different person living a different life. I learned that the people I thought that would be happy with me not just for but with me ; weren’t with or for me talk about thinking that many people cared but they never gave a Damn.

The Pastlife


This thing called life goes well without words. Just keeping up with terms of movement is mostly what we really need. Ambition, Motivation Mobility Concentration Understanding Creativity and so on. Bringing flavor to the anticipation for the terms of moments in your life should and will lead you into paths you would gain growth in. Life can be a “sentence” or can be a strong ambition of a story. Allow life to gain strength and intelligence and also love with a harmony of greatness. Least of it all is that being lead by someone that can conquer anything and not fail you could do anything. Let Jesus lead you and He will direct your pathway.


Been down that road before. Don’t want to cry 😭 about that again. Heard it all before. Time will tell. I’m not taking any chances. What excuse you got now. Yo bring that back again I wanna see if I care. Try again. New reception please. Next!


Happy that I woke up today.! Extremely joyed don’t know how to hold it in so I might as well enjoy 😊 it!. Can’t stop 🛑 & No I won’t stop 🛑 cause I believe that there is a Great Feeling Coming in my direction.! Can I Get an 🙏🏾 Amen.! 💫✨⭐️

Good To Go

Good morning 🎉✨🙌🏾 everyone I pray all is well with you.! I pray that you have a lovely enjoyable day or evening wherever you maybe. Continue to take on the challenges that we face from day to day and stay HUMBLE BE BLESSED 💫🌟⭐️.

Created For This

Struggles hard trials thick as a brick, Clashing waves 🌊 crushing down like a thunderstorm ⛈ Grey skies blue skies turned into long days and nights of loneliness My weak skin turned into thickness it’s been trying But with God anything is possible I feel stronger 💪🏾 than what my past life and communication seekers had taken me. Moving forward, Created For This.